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Unit name Reading Vocabulary Activities Downloads
1. Welcome to English for IT
Welcome to the course! This unit contains some very basic IT vocabulary to help you get started.
10 8
2. Introduction to Software
In this unit students will learn vocabulary related to the software development cycle from a developer's perspective.
15 8
3. Operating Systems
In this unit students will learn about different kinds of computer OS (operating systems) and why they are important.
15 8
4. Software Applications
In this unit students will learn about software development process and how apps (applications) are developed.
17 8
5. IT Careers
In this unit students will learn about popular IT career roles and their responsibilities.
18 8
6. The Internet
This unit discusses the Internet, the World Wide Web, and some related networking technologies and concepts.
15 8
7. People in IT
This unit discusses influential IT people and how they helped change the world.
22 5
8. Measurements
This unit discusses some of the terms used by IT professionals to measure things both great and small.
21 8
9. Programming Languages
This unit discusses which programming languages are the most popular, what they are used for, and why.
20 8
10. Computer Types
This unit discusses different types of computers and what they are used for.
18 7
11. Components
This unit discusses hardware components, the "building blocks" of modern computers.
15 8
12. Peripherals
This unit discusses peripheral devices, which allow a computer to perform tasks it could not do on its own.
16 8
13. Networking
In this unit we cover very basic network concepts and terminology.
18 8
14. The Keyboard: Part I
In order to master IT, you need to be familiar with all the keys and what they do.
14 6
15. The Keyboard: Part II
Learn more about all the keys, their functions, and how to use them like a pro.
16 6
16. Memory and Storage
This unit discusses the difference between computer storage and computer memory.
14 8
17. Input Devices
This unit describes some common input devices and what they are used for.
18 6
18. Removable Storage
This unit covers the past, present, and future of removable storage.
11 6
19. IT Slang: Part I
This unit covers some basic IT slang which may be useful for making friends and socializing in the office.
15 8
20. IT Slang: Part II
This unit covers some more basic IT slang which may be useful for making friends and socializing in the office.
15 8
21. English for Electronics
This unit gives IT students a brief glimpse of the world of electronics and how they work.
14 8
22. Computer Ethics
To avoid modern disasters, IT workers need to understand and adhere to a tight code of computer ethics.
18 8
23. American IT Companies
This unit describes 15 large American IT companies that all IT students and professionals should be familiar with.
16 8
24. English for Programmers, Part I
This unit teaches some basic programming terminology like variables, arrays, and loops.
20 8
25. Introduction to Cryptocurrency
This unit discusses cryptocurrency. What is it?Where did it come from? Why do we need it?
21 8
26. QA (Quality Assurance)
This unit focuses on QA (Quality Assurance), why it is important, as well as related terms and concepts.
20 8
27. The Concise Guide to ITIL
This unit covers ITIL, a popular IT Service Management Framework that is widespread in larger IT departments around the world.
20 8
28. Freelancing
This unit covers working "freelance" instead of accepting a typical job employment role.
20 8
29. Video Games I: Genres
In this unit you will learn to master vocabulary related to gaming genres.
23 4
30. Video Games II: Development
In this unit you will learn vocabulary related to video game development concepts.
20 4